As a long time vocal jazz educator, I have always been faced with the same issue that every director encounters when starting a vocal jazz ensemble: where do I get music for my choir?

Certainly there are large companies out there that own the rights to most familiar songs, both jazz standards and contemporary music. But quality vocal jazz music is such a small percentage of their sales that those companies naturally focus on producing simpler arrangements of that music – after all, the easier a piece is, the more choirs that can sing it.

That’s why the bulk of educationally solid, challenging, interesting vocal jazz charts come from one of three places:

I have been arranging for vocal jazz choirs as long as I have been involved in them, partially just out of necessity! Matfal Music is my company whose catalog consists mostly of my own arrangements, but I continue to branch out into publishing others’ arrangements as well.

Living in Southern California, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful contemporary jazz artists who are writing beautiful, mature lyrics set to wonderful harmonies. Partnering with these composers to arrange their songs for the jazz choir setting has become a passion of mine. There is simply so much incredible, original music out there for us jazz choir directors to draw from.

So what do I get when I order one of your charts?

The goal is to provide you with the music and resources you need for success with your choir, right when you need it. Many times, an arrangement can be converted into the voicing you need (a SAB chart can become SSA, for example) – just contact me.

Matfal Music – 323.813.JAZZ